CBE+ avoids furloughing staff amid global pandemic, in fact they are now hiring!

August 10, 2020

Chesterfield based manufacturing business, CBE+ have avoided furloughing any of their staff despite the pressures of COVID 19.

CBE+ is a specialist sub-contractor operating from modern, purpose-built facilities in Chesterfield specialising in CNC machining, Electroless Nickel Plating, Gears and Laboratory services. During the pandemic the business has been approached to machine critical components for ventilators in extremely short time frames. Continual production throughout the pandemic has meant the business was able to continue to support existing and new customers helping the industry avoid detrimental supply chain stoppages.

Fabio Cosenza, business development managers for the CBE+ group said: “We created additional capacity to be able to machine these components on time, staff have been flexible and committed to the project. dedicating days, nights and weekends to ensure completion. The increased workload has meant not only have we avoided furloughing any employees, but we are in fact recruiting in multiple areas of the business. This is reflective of the current needs within the business.”

Since the pandemic began the business has already recruited skills into 7 areas of the business in response to demands. This includes a diverse range of roles from shop floor staff to management level. In addition to the staff already recruited the business has plans for other positions to fill in the near future.

CEO, Marie Cooper commented; “Remaining open for business throughout these difficult times has allowed us to take the new opportunities presented to us while simultaneously rising to the new challenges. The team have stayed safe, stayed sensible and worked hard to keep the business surviving. Increasing and encouraging employment is key to promoting a successful workforce, business and local community, which is why we are also a cornerstone business in partnership with the Derbyshire council.”