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Ni-PTFE plating is a unique plating solution that combines the hardness of Electroless Nickel with the lubricity of Polytetrafluoreothylene (PTFE).

The Ni-PTFE plating process has been used extensively in the automotive, machinery, engineering and mould and die industries. Its properties of low friction wear and self lubrication make it an excellent choice for sliding wear applications, and instances where conventional lubricants would be harmful to components.

The process of Ni-PTFE can effectively increase the life span of components due to its properties of corrosion prevention and wear resistance. This plating method also provides long life lubrication for inaccessible parts as it dramatically reduces the levels of friction between components.

Ni-PTFE improves the “release” or anti stick properties of moulds and dies due to its self lubricating properties. It also increases the efficiency of, and reduces the sound made by slides, bearings and cylinder or piston assemblies. This property also facilitates the reliable operation of moving parts when they are continuously exposed to solvents or are working in cryogenic temperatures.

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Ni-PTFE self-lubricating corrosion resistant coating
is perfect for sliding wear applications.

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