Here at CBE+ Laboratories, we provide accurate and reliable hardness testing using the Vickers hardness test.

Used to measure the hardness of metals, the Vickers hardness test uses apparatus consisting of a diamond tipped indenter which is used to imprint a geometrically uniform shape into the surface of a metal sample by applying pressure. Hardness is defined as the resistance to indentation, and determined by measuring the permanent depth of the indentation. As a rule, the smaller the indentation left in the metal, the harder the material.

The Microhardness Test Method

Also referred to as the microhardness test method, the Vickers hardness test is used for small parts and sections. Based on an optical measurement system, indentation hardness value is obtained by measuring the depth or uniformity of the area of the indentation, which is then converted to a hardness value.

A square base pyramid shaped diamond is used for testing, and loads are typically very light. The microhardness methods are suitable for testing use on metals, ceramics, composites, and almost any other type of material.

Preparation of Samples for the Vickers Hardness Test

In order to provide accurate results from the Vickers hardness test, adequate sample preparation is necessary to ensure that the specimen provided is small enough to be able to fit into the tester itself. The surface of the specimen must be smooth in order to permit a regular indentation shape and good measurement, and the test sample should always be held perpendicular to the indenter.

The prepared samples at CBE+ Laboratories are mounted into a plastic medium which enables us to facilitate effective preparation and accurate testing. We also ensure that the indentations made are as large as possible in order to maximise the resolution of the measurement.

Hardness Test Specifications

The specification for hardness testing is: ASTM E384

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Micro-Hardness testing to ASTM B578, BS EN ISO4516.

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