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Dylan's success story: From Apprentice to running Assembly

One of the multiple services we offer at CBE+ is the Assembly of our customers products. Earlier this month, Dylan Davenport, who is now our Assembly Operator, completed his apprenticeship.

Over the six years Dylan has spent studying alongside working at CBE+, he has achieved both his Level 3 in Mechanical Manufacture and his HNC (Higher National Certificate) in the same subject.

This week, our Marketing team had the chance to sit down with Dylan to ask him a few questions. We gained a first-hand insight to what Dylan has learnt during his time at CBE+ as well as the benefits of the apprenticeship route.

Dion: What is the Assembly process? What role do you play in it?

Dylan: Assembly, in a nutshell, is putting parts together for our clients and testing them. Since qualifying in the managerial side of the process (through my HNC), I am now responsible for running the Assembly department at CBE+.  I co-ordinate my team, I am the customers first point of contact and it is my job to ensure we have the correct process in place to produce quality products and meet deadlines. I have experienced a huge confidence boost and I really enjoy the responsibility; I sign my name to everything we work on, whilst ensuring health and safety and industry standards.

When it comes to testing the products, we offer in-house Pneumatic and Hydrostatic pressure testing.

Dion: How is the traceability of parts ensured?

Dylan: Each job comes with a customer supply pack and all serial numbers are recorded. Anything externally sourced, such as small parts like nuts and bolts, are completely traceable.

We always supply a specification sheet to customers, which includes all order traceability information. This transparency is vital for us to identify where the process is broken, if an issue is to arise.

Our high level of traceability in Assembly is important as a lot of the work we assemble goes into the Gas Distribution sector where industry standards are critical.

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Dion: How can the Assembly process be used with other services that CBE+ offer?

Dylan: We can combine our Assembly service alongside several of our other services.

For example, we often provide Assembly + Paint and Assembly + Pressure Testing, however if a client required, we could design a more complex supply chain to fulfil their needs.

An example of this would be CNC Machining + Assembly + Pressure testing + Paint.

A completing the supply chain in house we can save customers both time and money.

Dion: Tell me more about your apprenticeship at CBE+?

Dylan: I originally went to sixth form where I planned to undertake my A- Levels, however, I soon realised that the style of learning didn’t suit me. I needed something more hands on, that’s why I decided to investigate apprenticeships. After landing an opportunity at CBE+, I began working as a CNC Machining Apprentice. Not long after, an opening arose in the Assembly area and CBE+ provided me with the opportunity to work reporting directly into the area’s manager.

I thrived in the role, and this enabled me to complete my level 3 in Mechanical Manufacture. CBE+ then gave me the chance to further develop my skills by undertaking a HNC in the same subject where I studied the managerial side of the process.  I completed this in February 2023.

Dion: What have you learned from working in assembly?

Dylan: Working in Assembly keeps me on my toes. Each day I come across something different, whether it’s a new specification or an unexpected challenge has surfaced. I get to do a lot of problem solving and that keeps my work interesting.

Through my qualifications I have attained A-Z knowledge in both the theoretical and the practical side of the job. Each individual task requires something different, and each job has its own procedures which need to be followed. The importance of checking and testing is reiterated daily, so I’m constantly learning and keeping up to date with practicing industry standards