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reverse engineering

Our reverse engineering services enable;

  • New components to be manufactured from existing components.
  • Replacement components to be manufactured from legacy equipment where the original technical drawings and material information may be no longer available.
  • New components to be optimised or improved from an original component.
  • Detailed analysis of structure, function and operation of components and assemblies to be carried out.
  • New ‘worn’ parts to be produced, to ensure that they fit within current assemblies or systems.
  • Digital models of parts can be captured and stored until they are required to be produced
Whats does reverse engineering involve?
  • Measuring a component or assembly through techniques such as 3D scanning.
  • Reconstructing a part as a 3D model, which is then downloaded and reproduced in a CAD package.

In CAD the data can be manipulated or optimised as required From CAD the design files can be output as either 2D or 3D drawings, or output in formats suitable for CNC/CAM machinery.

Reverse engineering & planned preventative maintenance (PPM)

Reverse Engineering can also be a key part of a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programme;

  • Undertaking 3D scans of your key components or plant during a scheduled PPM maintenance period. 
  • Ensuring that critical parts can be reverse-engineered, and new spares manufactured ahead of any potentially critical failures.
  • Minimising the risk and costs of lost production time due to component failure.
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