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CBE+ are recognised for outstanding international contribution!

Chesterfield-based manufacturer CBE+ have been awarded the ‘Outstanding International Contribution Award’ by the Surface Engineering Association (SEA) at the Friday evening’s Surface Engineering Awards and Gala Dinner which took place at the Regis Hotel, Birmingham.

CBE+ electroless nickel plating (NiTEC) is one of few businesses in the UK, who deliver the specialised service. CBE+ stands out from its competitors due to housing the largest nickel-plating tanks in Europe, paired with the businesses reputation for working in partnership with its customers to develop tailored solutions.

The business showcased a variety of the outstanding examples of the  electroless nickel plated components which are used in number of market sectors worldwide, achieving the top spot in this category.

A few of these examples included the surface treatment of:

  • End fittings destined for new flexible piping connecting offshore oil rigs worldwide, and over 25% of all flexibles deployed to South America.
  • Topside and subsea drilling equipment that is flown to our facilities from across the globe, from destinations such as the Middle East and USA
  • High precision rollers up to 13 metres in length to cut huge coils of product into standard size, for example domestic rolls of cling film for our customer based in Germany.
  • 6 metre copper crucibles used in vacuum arc re-melting furnaces
  • Mission-critical subsea equipment used world, such as a hook 12ft in height, capable of lifting 3000 tons.

Electroless nickel plating (ENP) uses reactions in aquatic solutions to create a perfectly uniform, anti-rust protective nickel coating on the surface of a metal.

Once applied, ferrous substrates including steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminium, can withstand extreme temperatures and environments, including attacks by chemicals, salt water and abrasive substances, meaning it is widely used in subsea applications.

To find out more about how nickel plating could improve the performance of your products, visit the Electroless Nickel section on our website or Tel 01246 529014 to speak to a member of our sales team.