CBE+ Team up with Tibshelf community school on innovation challenge.

March 20, 2020

CBE+ has been mentoring Tibshelf community school in a recycling project based from the Chesterfield school for the Get up to Speed 2020 innovation challenge.

The School is an inclusive 11-16 Comprehensive School serving a large semi-rural area of North East Derbyshire. The school strives to be an outstanding learning community in which individuals are inspired, challenged and supported to become effective global citizens in the 21st century.

The innovation challenge is run by Sheffield based charity, Workwise. Workwise is an employer inspired and led initiative for engineering, manufacturing, technology and related sectors to support the development of children and young people, so they have the knowledge, skills, aptitude and opportunities for employment. The innovation challenge encourages schools in the city region to compete against each other in creating the most innovative project.

The schools present their projects to a panel of judges from leading industries at the Get up to Speed event, a non profit event run by the private and public sector, now in its 10th year. The event aims to showcase STEM related careers to future workers and offers the opportunity for businesses from across the country to engage with the next generation and each other, even though due to unfortunate circumstances, given government guidance and the continuing circumstances around coronavirus – COVID 19, up to speed with stem 2020 has been cancelled.

The students at Tibshelf have been working alongside our Marketing and Communications apprentice Katie Andrews since November to present their project on the 25th March and despite the setback, have made a great contribution to the community and the school since starting the project.

During the project the students identified the lack of recycling in school and decided to tackle it as they believed if students didn’t start recycling at a young age, students wouldn’t be in the routine of recycling upon leaving school and fail to carry on in later life. The students also knew the importance of looking after the environment and reducing pollution and carbon emissions so were keen to base their project around it.

The students decided to recycle aluminium cans, as they were something most people used every day at home and from the school canteen. CBE+ facilitated bins and had contact with a scrap yard who would buy the cans from the school for between 0.025p and 0.0125p per empty can. The students calculated if they traded at the right time, if they collected 16000 cans, they could make £400 to put towards better resources for the school.

They marketed the idea around school using the TV screens notice boards, assembly presentations, the website and social media. They got teachers, students and parents on board to bring their cans in.

The student’s future plans included continuing to expand the project in school including recycling other materials and also spreading ideas to other schools in chesterfield to benefit the local scrap businesses, schools and the environment in general.

Katie Andrews, their mentor in the project said: “It is great to see the pupils so invested in tackling real life issues and actually put it into practice. They have bonded as a team, utilised their individual strengths within that team and worked hard to bring the project to life. I am really proud of their progress.”

Head Teacher Mike Pollard continued: “The project has highlighted the amount of industry and opportunity there is on the doorstep for our students. Having people exposed to actual business problems has got the group thinking outside the box and create innovative solutions which they don’t usually do day to day.”

CBE+ have been headline sponsors of Get up to Speed for the past four years. The business continually supports Work-Wise in delivering their programmes year-round and have recently become a cornerstone business to target the Chesterfield area. They plan to continue supporting STEM initiatives and working with schools in the local area in the future.