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CBE+ Illuminates Minds at North Star Science School 2023

North Star Science School, a constellation of curiosity and learning, took place on 8 November 2023 at Gulliver’s Valley in Rotherham, and CBE+ proudly took part as a sponsor.

The event, hosting around 480 eager students, unfolded as a kaleidoscope of ideas, discussions, and hands-on experiences. At the heart of our involvement was a collaborative effort with Newfield School to design and deliver a captivating workshop that would engage and inspire the attending students.


What is North Star?

Created by Professor Brian Cox CBE and Lord Andrew Mawson OBE in 2012, the amazing Science Summer School programme aims to make Britain the best place to do science and engineering, by inspiring the UK’s next generation of young scientists, engineers and inventors. North Star is South Yorkshire’s part of this fantastic Science School initiative.


North Star Science School is an amazing one-day live event for school children in years 8 and 9 organised by The Work-wise Foundation. The vision is to combine science with curiosity and play to stimulate and inspire the next generation to consider the fascinating range of careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art (STEAM) subjects. They this by showcasing the cutting edge of science and engineering and promoting innovation and opportunity in the South Yorkshire region. In a blended programme, the day includes inspirational talks from leading scientists and engineers, and students engage in fun, creative activities, experiments, and hands-on interactive workshops delivered by local businesses from the STEAM sector.


The Collaborative Union: CBE+ and Newfield School

One of the highlights of North Star Science School 2023 for our business was the collaborative workshop co-created by CBE+ and Newfield School. The amalgamation of CBE+’s innovative educational approach and Newfield School’s educational expertise allowed us to design a workshop together to engage and challenge students. Working collaboratively from September to November, our team regularly attended school to create an innovative workshop which allowed us to create ‘Crazy Cranes’ – we laser cut several hydraulic cranes which the groups of students attending our workshop could assemble and then power with water. The activity gave the attendees a glimpse of the capabilities we offer at CBE+; design, production and assembly. The workshop aimed to nurture a sense of curiosity and creativity, leaving a lasting impression on the young minds in attendance.


The collaboration aimed to not only meet educational standards but to exceed them, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world of work. This is the second year we have partnered with Newfield School, and we hope this partnership continues to grow for many years.


Dave Allen, Production Operator at CBE+, said:

“I have loved working with Newfield School again this year. The student’s enthusiasm is incredible, and their creativity really helps bring to life what CBE+ does in a way that young people can engage with and get excited about. As I spend most of my time on our shop floor, being able to work on projects like this and engage with young people is a fantastic addition to my day-today role.”


Lighting the Path for Future Scientists: Together We Do More

CBE+ is honored to have been a part of North Star Science School 2023, contributing to the collective effort to inspire and empower the next generation. The collaborative spirit with Newfield School and the opportunity to engage with 480 enthusiastic students was great for our team and to showcase our business to those seeking employment in just a few years’ time.


As we reflect on this illuminating experience, we remain dedicated to fostering curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning. North Star Science School 2023 has left an indelible mark on the minds of the students, and CBE+ looks forward to continued partnerships that empower young minds to reach for the stars in the world of science and beyond.


CEO, Marie Cooper, said:

“One of my passions for CBE+ is engaging with young people, it is important that all members of our team are given the opportunity to give something back and pass on their knowledge and expertise to future generations.”


At CBE+, we strongly believe that together we do more and our commitment to engaging with young people to promote careers within our industry is one of our key priorities.