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CBE+ are delighted to have welcomed ROXIVA, an innovative tech start-up, to set up operations at their Chesterfield manufacturing site, after working in partnership together to manufacture parts for ROXIVA’s RX1 lamp.

ROXIVA, who develop enabling technologies for health and wellbeing, have created a lamp that they can program with different light patterns, that when observed through closed eyelids by a user can bring rise to a variety of beneficial effects.

Jimi Simpson, ROXIVA CEO and creator of the RX1 described the lamp:

“The lamps are used to alter a user’s brainwave state in a similar way to that which happens in practices of meditation and hypnotherapy. By using the RX1 lamp either personally or in a professional context with clients, the user can be guided into a beneficial state of mind which in turn can lead to a variety of improvements in wellbeing such as reduced stress, improved sleep quality, mood elevation and motivation, and the many benefits of good quality relaxation.”


CBE+ machines two parts which are critical in the assembly of the RX1. They build the outer ring, which acts as a chassis for all other parts of the lamp to be connected to, as well as the mount, which is used to connect the lamp to a tripod to support it in its use.

Jimi discovered CBE+ through a VISTAGE event which was hosted by Marie Cooper, CEO of CBE+, at their purpose-built site in Chesterfield. He witnessed their adaptability and their partnership approach to their customers, and felt it was a perfect fit for ROXIVA’s vision.

Jimi also saw this as an opportunity to localise their suppliers, as they had previously been contracting with a machining firm in Poland. He commented:

“CBE+ has been a great supplier to work with. As we have developed the RX1, I have been able to work hand in hand with the engineers at CBE+ to solve problems, getting me to where I want to be quick and efficiently.”

Jimi created his first RX1 style lamp around 8 years ago and he recalled:

“The first lamp I ever made was in my kitchen from an old frying pan. It’s taken a lot of time, investment and trial and error to develop it into the highly engineered professional product it is today.”

“We are very grateful to Marie for offering us a great space to work at CBE+. Now the RX1 is finalised, the professional work area will help us launch the product to the market and take ROXIVA to the next level.”

Marie said:

“We’re delighted that ROXIVA have taken up the offer of space at our premises, and we hope that they will now be able to develop the business faster than would be possible otherwise. Increasing our collaboration and integration has significant advantages for both businesses. We’re committed to supporting local talent, growth and business effectiveness. Jimi is a great guy and if we can help him by providing a facility that enhances his work and provides opportunities for growth, then we are more than pleased to help”.