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CBE+ Welcomes StirLight to Chesterfield Site, Revolutionising Advanced Manufacturing with Friction Stir Welding Robot

CBE+ is proud to announce the exciting arrival of StirLight to our Chesterfield site, heralding a new era of advanced manufacturing capabilities. StirLight brings to the table a fully commissioned heavy-duty Friction Stir Welding (FSW) robot, poised to transform the landscape of industrial fabrication.

StirLight is dedicated to making advanced manufacturing processes more accessible, facilitating a seamless transition from research to commercial-scale production. With a focus on innovation and expertise, StirLight empowers partners to bridge the gap between experimentation and industrial application.

“We are thrilled to welcome StirLight to our site in Chesterfield,” said Marie Cooper, Group CEO at CBE+. “Their commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology aligns perfectly with our mission to foster innovation and growth in the manufacturing sector.”

At the core of StirLight’s offerings is Friction Stir Welding (FSW), a solid-state welding technique renowned for its precision and versatility. FSW leverages friction to create robust bonds between materials, offering a myriad of advantages including high precision welding of aluminum alloys, welding of dissimilar metals, distortion-free joints, and minimal reduction in parent material strength at the weld site.

The capabilities of StirLight’s new robot are nothing short of impressive:

  • High force capacity of 10kN
  • Welding of aluminum alloys up to 5mm in thickness
  • Welding speed of up to 3m/min
  • Accommodation of components up to 2m² in size
  • Three-dimensional joint capabilities
  • Offering both Conventional & Stationary Shoulder FSW

And the innovation doesn’t stop there. StirLight has plans to expand its capabilities, with upcoming machinery set to weld aluminum alloys up to 50mm thick, further pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in industrial fabrication.

The StirLight team is eager to engage with prospective partners and clients, offering free consultations to those interested in exploring the possibilities of advanced manufacturing. For more information, please contact StirLight via email at info@stirlight.com or visit their website at stirlight.com.

Stay tuned for the official launch of StirLight’s offerings in the coming months, as we embark on a journey of innovation and collaboration in the field of advanced manufacturing.