CBE+ capabilities beyond engineering
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Can you introduce yourself and your job role?

“I am the Group Operations Manager for the CBE+ group so I have a foot in all divisions of the business including; precision engineering, electroless nickel plating, metal testing and gear cutting. I work cross site looking at improving delivery, efficiencies and teamwork.”


What investments has the business recently made?

“Over the past 12 months we have invested almost half a million pounds on developing our facilities to support our commitment to improving Quality and Safety across our sites. 2020 has been a very strange year for us all, it has left many businesses in a critical state and in some unfortunate cases businesses have not been able to survive. CBE+ have worked hard in ensuring the business continued to operate during these times.

We have introduced a new EVT machine for our plating division, designed to degrease and prepare parts for plating whilst ensuring the safety of our staff in line with solvent emission requirements.

In addition to this we have invested in 2 blasting machines. One will be fully automated with bespoke programming designed for one of our key partners. The other machine is a new bead blaster which was purchased after we received feedback from our staff on the current equipment.

At our precision and gear manufacturing plant we have worked hard to improve the appearance of the shop floor by investing in new anti-slip flooring and racking. The new spacious environment has given the business scope for new opportunities.

We have also invested in a new temperature controlled CMM room to help protect our CMM equipment and improve our measuring capabilities.”


What benefits has the business seen since these investments?

“Shop floor efficiencies! Our goal is to supply a service that is right first time and in full. Investing in new equipment enables CBE+ to move closer towards this goal with the help of strategic planning and support from our team.

The CBE+ team have worked extremely hard to support changes in equipment and process whilst carrying out internal training and making sure our customers are involved with the changes we are making.

Partnerships are very important to CBE+ and the project has brought us closer as a team and to our external partners.”


What is the most important investment the business has made?

“I would say the most important investment we have made is developing and implementing a new ERP system – EFACS, provided by EXEL computing systems. This is a fully integrated, flexible, browser-based ERP software solution encompassing a broad range of business functions.

The system allows us to interrogate real time data and compare against historic data enabling the business to review production efficiencies ad act on improvement areas.

Bringing CRM, shop floor data capture and finance together allows us to work at group level from one system ensuring visibility and flexibility is available for all users.”