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The CBE+ Team are recognised as Manufacturing Heroes

All employees of CBE+ are delighted to have been recognised as Manufacturing Heroes.

The ‘Manufacturing Heroes Badge’ is recognised by Made in the Midlands part of the Made in Group, which exists to champion and promote UK Manufacturing.

The ‘Manufacturing Heroes Badge’ represents and celebrates the hard work and dedication of manufacturers who worked tirelessly throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marie was awarded the badge as CEO of the business earlier this year but in recognition that it was the team that are the true manufacturing hero’s Marie Cooper, CEO nominated the team for their continuous hard work throughout the pandemic and for taking part in the UK Ventilator challenge in early 2020.

Each team member received a Manufacturing Heroes badge produced by Thomas Fattorini, with recognition for this by the Made in Group.

Marie explains:

“Here at CBE+ our people are at the heart of our business. It is easy to overlook accomplishments and place the spotlight on others. This recognition is an excellent way to congratulate the team for their excellent effort throughout the pandemic, and to show how much they are valued”

The ‘Made in Group’ which was formed in 2009, is a collaboration of ‘Made in the Midlands’ and ‘Made in Yorkshire’ The organisations ethos is to challenge the status quo about how people think about British industry and ensure the sector is connected and informed.

Today the ‘Made in Group’ is one of the fastest growing membership groups in the UK with more than 500 members.