Electroless Nickel Plating

A high-quality and cost-effective solution for the coating of metals such as mild or stainless steel. Electroless nickel coatings have many fantastic properties. The metal layer deposited by the electroless nickel plating process has an even thickness over all surfaces of the component, virtually regardless of its shape. This uniform coating is the perfect solution for critical high-end engineering items such as those used in the defence, healthcare, automotive and aerospace industries.

Electroless nickel plating is extremely resistant to corrosion and will therefore extend the life of everything it coats. This makes it ideal for coating parts exposed to harsh environments such as those operating in the marine, oil and gas and defence industries. Therefore, it can reduce the cost of repair and replacement parts.

The advantages of using components that are resistant to corrosion are numerous. Electroless nickel plating can increase the life of a component as it prevents the formation of rust on a part. This in turn stops the part from becoming a catalyst for rust formation on surrounding parts, preventing part on part rusting and removing the risk of one part affecting the final assembly.

Electroless nickel plating also improves the quality of components. Tight manufacturing tolerances can be achieved as the electroless nickel is deposited evenly on the surface of the part. It can be also used to improve the surface of a component so that it is back within the specified tolerances, and provides a surface that allows post finishes to be carried out effectively.

Electroless nickel plating is also an effective surface when protecting the component from wear is important. The high level of hardness and electroless nickel plating’s self lubricating properties reduces the wear of a component through friction, therefore creating minimal coating weight loss.

When using electroless nickel to plate a component, the coating provided is guaranteed not to chip or flake like other top coats such as paints or lacquers.

Electroless nickel plating is also ideal in areas where friction and wear are issues. When used with the appropriate heat treatment, electroless nickel plating can be hardened up to 950vhn.

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High-quality, cost-effective solution for coating
metals such as mild or stainless steel.

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