Pressure Testing

We recently introduced a new in-house pressure test and assembly service, following the acquisition of a High-Pressure Testing Facility adjacent to our existing facility in Chesterfield. This further improves our offering, enabling us to provide a one-stop service for the machining, assembly and testing of components and products for our customers.

The test area is ready to test products/valves at 1.5 WP x Hydrostatic and 1.1 x WP Ambient.

The capabilities of the area are;

Up to 8” Dia ANSI B16.5 CL2500 Flanged Products (MWP 370 Bar)
Up to 12” Dia ANSI B16.5 CL600 Flanged Products (MWP 103 Bar)
Up to 12” Dia ANSI B16.5 CL300 Flanged Products (MWP 50.1 Bar)

The equipment provides us with the capabilities to run rigorous testing from outside of the test room, detect the smallest leakages and carry out strength and functionality testing of valves and pressure bearing products.

The testing facility includes a complex leakage detection system and has a number of safety systems including oxygen monitoring, nitrogen extraction and interlocking controls. It is also equipped with overhead cranes that have a 10 tonne lifting capacity, and a two tonne handling crane which is situated within the high-pressure test room.

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