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An insight into Wire EDM

An insight into Wire EDM Chesterfield-based manufacturer CBE+ have recently acquired new machinery and new team members from the aerospace industry leaders Aerodyn. It is the most recent investment in the engineering company’s bid to expand their multitude of world-class complementary capabilities. We recently sat down with Tony Vaughan and David Turner to discuss everything Wire EDM (Electrical […]

The benefits of electroless nickel plating with Made in Group

Electroless nickel plating, surface treatment, corrosion protection, Hard Chrome

THE BENEFITS OF ELECTROLESS NICKEL PLATING WITH MADE IN GROUP Our specialist service electroless nickel plating deposits nickel​ on the surface of a component giving different metals the benefits of nickel alloy​ at a lower cost. In the electroless nickel-plating process, a nickel salt and hypophosphite solution serve as a bath for the base material. Once the component is […]