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CBE+ Plan £0.75m Investment in a Greener Future

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Chesterfield-based engineering service provider, CBE+, plan to invest £0.75m in a combined heat and power system which will reduce the carbon emissions of the business by an incredible 50%. The business, which is located on Holmewood’s Industrial Estate, has been working in partnership with local solutions provider Levercor Energy Systems Ltd, to design a system to make the company greener whilst also increasing efficiencies for the business.

Chris Brown, CBE’s Technical Director, had been looking for a tailored turnkey CHP system provider for some time, as this power and heat generation system could match their production process energy demands. Levercor and CBE+ have spent several months fully understanding the power and heat demand profiles working together to develop a bespoke system, unique to CBE+’s requirements.

The proposed investment will include the installation of an engine to produce electrical energy to run the factory, including CBE+’s state-of-the-art CNC milling and turning centres, which are used to manufacture complex components for industries such as oil and gas and aerospace, as well as producing electricity for day-to-day use in the offices and facilities.

The excess heat generated as a biproduct of the electrical power generation will be captured and used to heat the group’s Electroless Nickel Plating tanks, reducing the need to purchase more energy for heating and significantly reducing the carbon footprint of CBE+.

Chris Brown said:

“Levercor have given us the tools to move in the direction we always planned to, only faster. The timing was great. We were in the process of moving our electroless nickel-plating facility to our main site, so it makes so much sense to implement the combined heat and power system. The CHP will make us a greener company, significantly reducing the amount of energy we use”

Levercor was established by environmental and utility engineers to give engineering companies higher quality energy services at lower cost.

Daniel Leversidge, Commercial Director of Levercor said:

“CBE+ is a prime example of how we can work with and help businesses. Long-term investment in this kind of system saves money, but more importantly, it contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions and global warming, which is something we should all be working towards.”

CBE+’s core capabilities include (but are not limited to) precision engineering (CNC Turning, Milling & WEDM), electroless nickel plating (ENP), gear manufacture and metal testing. They can provide each service independently or combine multiple capabilities to create tailored, integrated supply chain solutions.