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CBE+ are exhibiting at Ocean Energy Europe

CBE+ will be exhibiting at Ocean Energy Europe, which is to be held in Brussels, on 6-7 December 2021.

Situated on Stand 13, CBE+ will be showcasing their award-winning electroless nickel and diffused nickel-plating processes, which extends the operating life of submersed metal components, fabrications, and assemblies to provide 30+ years of anti-corrosion protection.

The company recently received an award for ‘International Outstanding Contribution’ in the ‘Surface Engineering Association Awards 2021’ for their electroless nickel plating service.

The annual Ocean Energy Europe Conference and Exhibition is the meeting point for the ocean energy sector. The event allows business to network, raise their profile, and learn about the latest industry developments.

The energy transition towards a carbon-neutral future is more important now than ever.

Ocean energy technologies have the potential to challenge this economic reality: Indigenous, infinite, and decentralised, ocean energy offers real-time economic and environmental benefits.

CBE+ provides services to support this sector, extending the longevity of the components used, creating efficiencies for customers, while reducing costs throughout the supply chain.

The business is commissioning a purpose-built plating facility at its Enterprise Drive site, bringing it closer to the other services and materialising the integrated supply chain.

The new facility will include automated plating lines and leading-edge combined heat and power and effluent treatment services. This major investment will result in a 50% reduction in the carbon footprint of the business.

Fabio Cosenza, CBE’s Sales and Marketing Director explains:

“We are excited to be exhibiting at Ocean Energy. This is an incredible opportunity to showcase our services and raise the profile of CBE+ integrated capabilities to expand our established presence in the energy and renewables sectors.

Our electroless nickel plating technology is proven to be the preferred choice in subsea equipment (as an alternative to high grade alloy, stainless steel). To have the opportunity to engage with EU markets is the next stage in sharing our expertise globally”

CBE+ offers multiple capabilities in countless combinations, revolving around core services of precision engineering, electroless nickel plating (NiTEC), gear cutting and metal testing services.

Each service can be provided independently, or combined to as multiple capabilities to create tailored, integrated supply chain solutions – creating efficiencies, reducing lead times, and ensuring full product traceability.

We hope to see you there!