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CBE+ are Elevating Aerospace Manufacturing with AS9100 Excellence

In the fast-paced and technologically advanced world of aerospace manufacturing, precision, safety, and reliability are not merely buzzwords but the cornerstones of success. As the industry reaches new heights, the need for standardised quality management systems becomes paramount. One such accreditation that shines as a beacon of excellence is AS9100. This blog delves into the significance of AS9100 in the aerospace sector and explores why customers should entrust their projects to the expertise and experience of CBE+.

CBE+ Illuminates Minds at North Star Science School 2023

North Star Science School, a constellation of curiosity and learning, took place on 8 November 2023 at Gulliver’s Valley in Rotherham, and CBE+ proudly took part as a sponsor. The event, hosting around 480 eager students, unfolded as a kaleidoscope of ideas, discussions, and hands-on experiences.

Our coatings and where you can use them

ENP, Electroless Nickel Plating, DNP, Diffused Nickel Plating, Copper plating, aero maskant, paint, surface treatments, coating, engineering, manufacture, supply chain

Our coatings and where you can use them At CBE+ we provide help to our clients when it comes to optimising the lifespan of components or suitability for application amongst the various coating processes we offer. If coatings are not your forte – we are always happy to share our expertise to assist you when […]


Teamwork, Staff, Integration, team building, manufacturing, culture, values, apprenticeships, future careers

CBE+ celebrates it’s 4th Birthday with a team building day! CBE+ offers multiple capabilities in countless combinations.  This offering is the product of their history and is made up of the capacities of five once separate businesses: BG Engineering LTD – A precision engineering company.  NiTEC UK LTD – electroless nickel plating specialists. Pentag Gear and Oilfield Equipment – […]

New robotic manufacturing plating plant installed at CBE+

CBE+ open day, networking, electroless nickel plating, automation, robotics

New robotic manufacturing plating plant installed at CBE+ Engineering supply chain solution provider CBE+ has built the first 6+1 robotic Electroless Nickel Plating (ENP) line in the UK and Europe at its 70,000ft² state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This new manufacturing capability will allow the company to undertake a range of innovative projects at its Chesterfield base, […]

A spotlight on Wire EDM at CBE+.

WEDM, Wire EDM, Precision, Precision Engineering, Machining, Intergrated solutions

A spotlight on Wire EDM at CBE+. Wire EDM is a relatively new offering at CBE+.  In the summer of 2021, the business acquired new machinery and skilled team members from aerospace industry leaders Aerodyn. The investment comprises three key machines – a Mitsubishi MV2400S and two Mitsubishi FX20. Our Marketing team got the chance […]

A spotlight on IT in manufacturing

A SPOTLIGHT ON IT IN MANUFACTURING There is no escaping it, our world is becoming more digital by the day. Both at home and in the office, new technologies are constantly being introduced, replacing traditional processes and communication channels. The advances of the 21st century have been revolutionary, but as it grows, so does the risk […]